Finding it easy to say 'no' while retaining the relationship

Improving your organisation also means that you regularly have to say 'no' to a proposition. You also don't want to accept all kinds of contact requests because you need to spend your time carefully. And then there is the even bigger impact of 'no': when you need to make one or more employees redundant. You know that saying 'no' is better for the organisation and yet it remains a tricky thing. Experience has given you a thicker skin, but you are still human and you rather try to avoid it.


Sublime assertiveness means more than being able to say 'no' in a relaxed way, it also ensures that you can retain the relationship. Assertiveness, in a way, seems like a sad affair: the outcome is either bad for me or bad for you. But this is just an illusion. It is possible to say 'no' while, at the same time, strengthening the connection with the other person instead of weakening it. Simon likes to show you how this works and how you can make this skill your own.

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