Inspiring others with speeches and presentations

For leaders, public speaking is the merciless and ultimate test. 'Are we inspired?', 'Can we go along with this vision or not?' or 'Can he or she stay on?'. Crucial moments are determined by speeches. At the same time, the ability to speak to groups of people is a phenomenon and an art form. All kinds of different skills have to come together: an inspiring message, creativity, rhetoric, vulnerability, and body language.


When facing such a complex challenge, individual coaching is indispensable. Simon developed the most effective presentation-coaching for executives. Being relaxed in front of a group, inspiring, and keeping yourself inspired during the presentation: it requires a personal approach that goes far beyond 'tips & tricks'. You will not just get a well-deserved applause, but also a deeper level of leadership and a stronger connection with the audience.

"Unfortunately, it is always the most boring speakers who are the most self-confident."

-- Judy Carter

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