Communication Coaching & Inspirational Sessions for Managers and Executives

Who is your source of inspiration in your complex role as a leader?

As a manager or executive, you give direction and you carry responsibilities. You find yourself in a complex and sometimes tough political arena. And this leads to specific challenges. 


With Simon Groen as a sounding board, you get clarity and new perspectives. Be surprised by his relaxed and non-judgemental style, combined with his undisputed authority in communication.


You can find examples of coaching themes below.

Simon Groen understands how tough and tricky the executive environment can be and he will help you do the right thing.


He listens, he holds up a mirror and offers tools. No psychological consultations but refreshing and inspiring sessions.

"Leader or follower, work or play, strength or vulnerability... They are not alarming opposites but inspirational paradoxes."


The goal of coaching is gaining a broader view. What are the perspectives? What are the options? You always discover new and important things, which you never could have come up with on your own. 

Try not to be a leader of success. Try to be a happy leader.


Success is a by-product of happiness.

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