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Sincere Listening: no more difficult conversations!


Difficult conversations are inevitable. A colleague has a different point of view, or a client surprises you with objections. You are not on the same page, but you still want to work together. How do you overcome major differences? How do you transform a difficult conversation into a connecting and constructive meeting? The key is: sincere listening.


Simon Groen's master class is not a beginner's course on listening but an introduction to one of the most advanced conversation techniques. The ability to listen without interpreting what is said is the key to the highest form of collaboration. By using the listening and questioning techniques offered by 'sincere listening', you can, for example:


  • Cope with difficult or tiring conversation partners more easily.
  • Collaborate and come to agreements much more effectively.
  • Be more decisive while strengthening the relationship at the same time, instead of weakening it.


In this master class, Simon Groen will first demonstrate how terribly difficult it is to genuinely listen, and he does this in his own humoristic way. Intelligence, experience, and creativity seem to get in the way rather than be helpful. After that, he will show you how to do things differently. By using clever experience exercises, you can make these techniques your own. You discover how adventurous the combination of listening and asking the right questions can be. Instead of listening being something that is passive, submissive or tiring, it is turned into a renewed source of inspiration and success.


Be surprised by the subtle yet sovereign power of 'sincere listening'. After this master class, no conversation will ever be the same!


“Listen sincerely and you will hear that people only say two things: ‘Please’ or ‘Thank you’” – Marshall Rosenberg.



This workshop is in-company. One or two half-days. Price on request.



Simon Groen studied Psychology and Drama, and has been active in the field of communication ever since. He coaches managers, politicians, and entrepreneurs at home and abroad. Simon was the first person in the Netherlands to develop business training sessions on the use and interpretation of body language. After that, he became a pioneer in 'Nonviolent Communication' (also known as 'Connective Communication'). He makes this method accessible and usable for managers and professionals. Apart from his training sessions, Simon Groen works as a comedy writer and actor. Together with his brother David Groen, he makes comical video clips for Dutch television, including TV programme 'Het Klokhuis'.




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